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5 Tips to Make Your Home Move in Ready

Homes that make a great impression are those that are well polished and move in ready. An unattractive home on the interior makes it more difficult to sell quickly.  Buyers feel more comfortable buying a well maintained home because if the home is cared for than it’s less of a hassle to transition into the home - and less to [...]

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Pocket Listings

Pocket listings are referred to as off  the market, quiet or silent listings. These listings are kept from the multiple-listing service and instead marketed by the home owner’s agent. The home owner and agent have all the control over who knows about the property being for sale. Pocket listings are usually sold via word of mouth among real estate agents either during [...]

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Credit for Buying a Home

Your credit score is not the only factor that mortgage lenders take into account when configuring the best loan for you, but your credit score will impact how much you will pay in interest. In college you had to pass a lower level course in order to continue your curriculum, well think of your credit score as a prerequisite for [...]

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Staging Your Home for Sale

Importance of Staging your Home A key to selling your home is making it appealing to the buyer's eye. You want to give potential buyers the best first impression possible. Your goal as a seller is to highlight your homes strengths and hide any weaknesses. Staging is such a key component to selling your home, that even HGTV network has [...]

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5 Curb Appeal Tips for Selling Your Home

When you think of making your home pretty the external part of your home is overlooked. As a seller, think of your home as a person you are meeting for the first time. Initial first impression speaks millions. Your curb appeal is the first impression. A clean exterior is a fantastic way to ensure that you get some curb appeal [...]

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