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Trader Joe’s Comes to Austin Near Developing Neighborhoods

California based chain with over 365 locations in 32 States decides to move to the capital of Texas into prominent neighborhoods Arboretum, Westlake, and soon downtown Austin. Trader Joe’s features upscale grocery fare such as health foods, organic produce, and nutritional supplements at competitive prices. Earning a place as #11 for the Americas Top 20 Healthiest Cities Austin continues to welcome [...]

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Upgrading Your Kitchen for Resale

Whether you want to sell your home or invest in an upgrade, upgrading your kitchen is one of the best renovations you can do in your home. As we covered in the last few weeks, both minor kitchen upgrades and major kitchen renovations have high ROI's. An up to date kitchen can bring that positive reaction to a would be [...]

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3 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving day is a stressful major life event that you will have to plan for in advance. Prior to finding your dream home, there are the researching neighborhoods, finding the right schools, overall buying process and let’s not forget packing those cardboard boxes to load in the moving truck. You might not realize the stress this causes your pet Mr. Buttons. [...]

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Home Improvements that Increase Home Value – Part Two

Last week, we listed mid-range project renovations that add value to your home. These were three of the most popular renovations in the Austin area that maintained a healthy ROI.  Today we are going to look at ROI's, costs and resales values for upscale projects and home improvements. Remodeling Magazine  compared 35 remodeling projects within 101 cities and gave a breakdown of job cost, then [...]

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Home Improvements that Increase Home Value

All home owners at some point ask how do I increase home value? Yesterday, we wrote about home renovation that do not add value. Today, we start a multipart series covering home improvements that will increase home value and provide the highest ROI. When investing in a new home project you initially may think that any renovation should add home value. Before you start saving [...]

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Home Renovations That Don’t Add Value

There is a general misunderstanding that all home renovations increase the value of your home. This simply is not true. Home renovations that don't add value to your home are very common. They also do not fully recover your investment. An improvement is only as good as what the next owner thinks of it. If the potential buyer sees the renovation as a constant [...]

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