When you think of making your home pretty the external part of your home is overlooked. As a seller, think of your home as a person you are meeting for the first time. Initial first impression speaks millions. Your curb appeal is the first impression. A clean exterior is a fantastic way to ensure that you get some curb appeal and impress buyers coming to look at your home.

Here are 5 curb appeal tips on how to turn your home’s exterior spring friendly.

Yard Clean Up

The last thing new home owners want to think about is yard maintenance. Take out those horrible weeds and unnecessary greenery that is killing your grass. Trim and clean existing bushes if you are on a budget. Adding shrubs, beautiful trees and flowers will come a long way when you are attracting buyers. It is very important to maintain your lawn on a weekly basis. If you decide to hire professional landscaping or maintenance you are looking at a cost of anywhere between $300- $500.

Plant Attractive Flowers

Perennials are my first choice because they last for years, strong, and won’t break the bank. Perennials have the most selection as well. When selecting which perennials you would like to plant think about your future gardening plans. The type of landscaping dreams you have could help you when selecting the gardening colors your garden should have. On the other hand if you just want to play it safe there are popular flowers that fit any landscape and remain beautiful. Among these  are lilacs, hydrangeas, magnolias and much more.

Wash and Clean Your Sidewalk

Austin weather has been unpredictable this year. Snow, sleet, ice, rain. All of these weather patterns have left your pavement dirty and stained. Take a day to wash your driveways and doorways with hot water and a heaving broom, or hire someone to power wash. Professional services could be anywhere between $250- 300 in Austin.

Repaint Exteriors

If you haven’t painted your exteriors in a while, considering doing this now that you are selling your home. Repainting shutters and your front doors will brighten your home appearance and give a great curb appeal to your home. Professional cost can run between $600- 900.

Buy that Extra Mulch

A gardening project can take up your entire weekend. Make sure your beautiful flowers and trees last by using that additional mulch. Mulch is the crucial and key ingredient that helps your plants grows through the spring. Mulch up that garden!!! 

What else are some suggestions you would recommend for a home seller? Leave your comments below.