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Austin Home Sales Break Record for Month of February

Austin home sales and prices surpassed the previous record for February. With an 11% gain, the average medium home prices went from $207,000 up to over $230,000. The number of homes also rose over 8%, with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) reporting that 1,761 single-family homes were sold in Austin area. That is 300 more homes than January 2014. At the [...]

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Fees Involved in Buying a Home

Finding a home is only the first step in the home buying process. One of the most important and crucial steps is finding a mortgage that will pay for your home. The decisions you make on your mortgage will have financial consequences for years to come. A 30 year mortgage at two, three or even four quarters less can save [...]

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3 Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid That Could Save You Thousands on Your Monthly Payment A mortgage payment is the biggest expense you will ever have. Mortgage rates were recently at a record low. Homeowners are taking advance by refinancing their existing mortgage for extra year long savings. Convincing clients that calling one lender is not enough is a constant challenge. [...]

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5 Tips to Make Packing Easier

So you found your dream house, but now you realize you have to pack all your things. No one loves to pack up years of treasures into tiny boxes. You can pay for packing services but it is a cost you can avoid when purchasing a home. Packing is just something you have to tackle. When the wife and I were moving [...]

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Zilker Park Kite Festival

In Austin, the Kite festival at Zilker Park is a friend and family must go on March 09, 2014. Whether you are planning a romantic date with your significant other, or just taking the family out for fun after Church on Sunday, the Kite Festival is one of the many events that make Austin a unique city to live in. The [...]

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