Importance of Staging your Home

A key to selling your home is making it appealing to the buyer’s eye. You want to give potential buyers the best first impression possible. Your goal as a seller is to highlight your homes strengths and hide any weaknesses. Staging is such a key component to selling your home, that even HGTV network has a show, The Stagers dedicated on how to stage your home. Here are a couple of tips for staging your home for sale.

Clutter friendly

The easiest initial step to a beautiful home means all clutter must go. You don’t need to have furniture covering every wall, this is a case where less is more. Get rid of junk and unnecessary items as if you were already moving. This could require renting additional storage for the additional room couches, and furniture that no longer fit in your current home. Finally, clear, clean and wipe all surfaces, floors and closets. Clearing spaces will also show your buyers more room space.

Staging Outside

Recently we explained the importance of curb appeal and directed you in ways to improve your yard. A clean Welcome Home doormat and porch furniture will go a long way. If you are showing the home in the evening porch lights and solar yard lighting will also illuminate the entrance. Also remember to show case your beautiful flowers in outdoor vases and add color to your furniture with outdoor hosiery furniture covers. It will amaze you how inviting your porch looks.

Make Your Home Appealing

Think of elements that make your home appealing, not bleach clean. My favorite clients trying to sell their home quickly have scents, candles, fresh fruit and flowers in the kitchen and living areas. Style your dining room table with small vases that will make your table inviting. Tall arrangements could make your table look bare and uninviting, so stay away from single items.

Living area carpets also need to be cleaned and floors should be shined and buffed weekly- this shows you’re buyers that you invest in up keeping your home. Finally, repainting your living areas with neutral colors will help your home look sophisticated and wide.

Imagine what would impress you walking into a home for the first time, what you would like to see? Leave your ideas in our comments section below.