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Real Estate Developments in Georgetown

Buying a home in Georgetown, Texas has moved up to the top choices of new and existing Austinites. CNN Money listed Georgetown Texas #2 for best places to live for its affordable living cost, business -friendly and low property taxes. Georgetown has welcomed over 250 new businesses in the past two years alone. The new upcoming convention center scheduled to open [...]

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3 Reasons to Buy a Home in Dripping Springs

Buying a home in Dripping Springs, Texas has moved to the top of the list of choices for retirees, newcomers and Austinites. Just 25 miles west of Austin, Dripping Springs is located in the beautiful hill country offering its 1,788 residents affordable living, outstanding Dripping Springs Independent School District and proximity from both Austin and San Antonio. Outstanding School Systems Families [...]

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Top 3 Reasons Why Austin Housing Market is #1 in the US

Austin's most recent quarter numbers reports show the consistent housing market growth. Hundreds of home buyers and newcomers search homes for sale in Austin Texas everyday, whether looking to move to Austin or upgrade to a newer or larger home. As a result, 40% of Austin homes are sold within ten days with an average of 14% year of year growth for the [...]

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Cedar Park: Upcoming Developments

Census ranked Cedar Park number 4 for fasted growing Texas suburb cities in percentage growth between 2012 and 2013. The 5 percent growth led Cedar Park to become the third largest city in Austin with over 50,000 residents. Cedar Park is expected to continue growing due to its beautiful hill location near the lower Colorado River Lake system, Hill Country scenery and surrounding nature [...]

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Austin Housing Market in 2014

The latest U.S Census Bureau reported Austin as the 11th largest cities in the country and today, the population of Austin increases by over 110 people each day. Despite economist predicting the Austin housing market in 2014 to slow down, 2014 continues to surpass expectations. Buyers currently searching for homes for sale are experiencing the summer hot market where homes are sold [...]

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Austin Condominium Development Projects

The construction sites across downtown Austin means the aggressive condo development projects are growing. Almost every building is architecturally sound, built taller, thinner, and higher. From new age modern luxury to Austin hip, these developments inevitably will change Austin’s skyline in the years to follow. Here are four projects very close to completion. Eastside - Downtown Urban A local developer, [...]

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

According to the U.S. Energy information Administration, in 2013 summer electricity bill average were at their high of $ 395 monthly. Like many Americans, Austinites are constantly looking for ways to conserve energy, stay green and reduce their monthly bills. Mother nature network even listed Austin at #10 top green U.S. cities and complimented the cities aggressive goal and initiatives taken in becoming [...]

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Is a Big Yard Worth it?

Properties with large lots are becoming less common in new modern developments. As the cost of land rises, many homes are constructed on smaller lots. Builders are focusing on square footage rather than lot size by building two or more story homes to maximize living space. If yard space is a priority, it is important to pay attention to the listing details when searching for properties.  Lot [...]

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Single Story vs Two Story Home

Both single story and two story homes have many attributes. As an Austin home buyer you have many choices to consider when buying a home. Some home buyers look for historic charm with wood floors and antique features while others prefer a more modern home with upgraded features and all enhanced technology new homes come with. Both single and two [...]

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3 Tips for Single Women Home Buyers

Single women are a huge slice of the home buyer pie. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2011 single women made up over 20% of all homes purchased, double that of single men. Nevertheless, single women are going to have concerns just like all other buyers. Here are 3 tips that single women home buyers need to keep in mind prior [...]

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