Homes that make a great impression are those that are well polished and move in ready. An unattractive home on the interior makes it more difficult to sell quickly.  Buyers feel more comfortable buying a well maintained home because if the home is cared for than it’s less of a hassle to transition into the home – and less to change.

Here are 5 ways to make your home appeal that buyer to say “sold”!

Fix Noticeable Fixtures and Touch-up

Repairing your home for the market does not have to be expensive. Buyers will be impressed with the new pond you installed but they will not give you extra closing money to outweigh costs. Focus on the minor, inexpensive touch ups that your home currently needs. This can include loose roof singles and a garage door paint touch up. You will be surprised what a new door knob will do when your agent is showing your home to potential buyers.

Clean Home Exterior

First impressions are the made when your potential buyers pull up to your driveway. This is why it’s important to remember to maintain curve appeal on a weekly basis. Cleaning up your yard, repainting the garage door, and selecting the perfect but inexpensive flowers are a must if you want to impress your potential buyers.

Remove Cluttered Spaces

If your closets are packed, and every piece of furniture you own is sitting in your main living areas then you might want to rethink and re-organize your home. If you are preparing to move soon then it might be a good idea to rent additional storage and begin to move furniture and other belonging that are not being used. This could help clear spaces and corners in  your home which helps your buyers appreciate the square footage.

Simple and Neutral

If your children were allowed to select their room colors, you might have a bright pink or blue room you are proud to have decorated. Buyers might see your color choices as an additional expense because primers are not cheap. Make sure your home has less pronounced and simpler colors.

 Select your Agent

It is important to consult with an agent about all the concerns you might have. Great agents have suggestions and an immediate plan to market your home. Interview and quiz potential agents on how they would approach the market. For a free consultation, make an appointment today and let us help you strategize on selling your home!