Properties with large lots are becoming less common in new modern developments. As the cost of land rises, many homes are constructed on smaller lots. Builders are focusing on square footage rather than lot size by building two or more story homes to maximize living space.

If yard space is a priority, it is important to pay attention to the listing details when searching for properties.  Lot size is given to you in acres, so make sure you aren’t ignoring that description listed on the overview details. A home’s square footage only describes the air-conditioned living space which means that  garage, balconies and back yards are not included into the home square footage.

Pros of a Huge Yards

  1. Hosting party’s and family leisure space: If you have a large family and/or pets, a huge yard will allow more play area for the kids and dogs to run around. Grilling and having outdoor events will be easier with a large backyard.
  2. Outdoor growth potential: External growth has endless possibilities with a huge yard. Outdoor growth could include that swimming pool the kids dream about, a tool shed for dad and an outdoor kitchen for mom to enjoy hosting without a crowed kitchen. There are endless possibilities, but only for the pleasure of your enjoyment, recall that outdoor renovations unfortunately have a low return on investment if you decide to sell.
  3. Market Value: If you decide to sell your home in the future, having a large back yard helps with the appraisal value of your home. The size of your backyard may cap the amount a lender is willing to loan, so the bigger the better.
  4. Curb Appeal: Your curb appeal is your homes first impression, so imagine your family and friends pulling up the drive way to find a beautiful well-kept yard filled with perennials.

Cons of a Huge Yards

  1. Maintenance: Although having a big yard could be an asset and give a magnificent curb appeal, more yard means more upkeep. Expect spending weekends cutting the grass and tearing out weeds, especially during spring and summer.
  2. Cost: Bigger yards not only require more maintenance, but also will come with a higher cost. Even watering your grass will be an expense because the larger your yard is the more coverage you have to water. Sprinkler systems are more convenient but also an extra expense.
  3. Curb Appeal can work against you: Curb appeal is definitely a pro, but not if you don’t upkeep your yard. Weeds will grow tremendously and steal life from your grass and flowers making your yard look unattractive. To top it off, HOA will slap you with a bill to remind you of how unattractive your yard is. Upkeep is a must with big yards.