Both single story and two story homes have many attributes. As an Austin home buyer you have many choices to consider when buying a home. Some home buyers look for historic charm with wood floors and antique features while others prefer a more modern home with upgraded features and all enhanced technology new homes come with.

Both single and two story homes have many features, so in addition to looking into Austin neighborhoods, square footage, house color, two or three car-garage, architectural style, Austin home buyers have the huge decision. Single story home or two story home? They both have some advantages.

Home Energy

  • Consider the upfront cost when building your home. For example, how much more will you spend on insulation costs?
  • Balancing the temperature in a two story home vs a one story home can be a challenge. Be ready to add plantation shutters or window shades to help cool a larger two story home.


  • Two story homes have accessibility issues for disabled occupants. You want to consider universal design and generational lifelong potential issues when making a decision on purchasing a two story vs one story home.
  • In two story homes, stairways can take up square footage. At the same time, so do hallways in one story homes. Make sure that your floor plan in your home choices are space efficient in either a one story or two story home.
  • Stairs can pose an associability challenge in a home where children reside. Take extra precautions such as baby bumpers and stair blocking devices are necessary until children are of age.

Lot Size

  • Two story homes tend to have more of a larger yard than one story homes because the square footage is divided into two levels rather than sharing most of the lot for a single story home. Larger families might want to take this into consideration.
  • One story homes are perfect for smaller families because maintenance  for a big lot could be a nuisance. This is especially true if not much backyard space is needed.

Regardless of whether you prefer a single story home over a two story home or vice versa, Austin has many features and beautiful neighborhoods to choose from. Let us help you find the best fit for you and you’re family. Contact us today for a free Real Estate consultation.