According to the U.S. Energy information Administration, in 2013 summer electricity bill average were at their high of $ 395 monthly. Like many Americans, Austinites are constantly looking for ways to conserve energy, stay green and reduce their monthly bills. Mother nature network even listed Austin at #10 top green U.S. cities and complimented the cities aggressive goal and initiatives taken in becoming carbon neutral by 2020.

To help preserve Austin and reduce your electric bill, here are 5 top ways to get you started on your way.

Upgrade Appliances

Antique appliances add charm and character to your home, but along with this comes the cost of using these on a daily basis. Consider looking into purchasing energy efficient appliances if your appliances are due for replacement. makes it simple by listing tips and product models that will allow your energy bills to lower significantly. Don’t forget about the tax credit you can possibly earn for purchasing energy smart appliances during tax season.

Clean Filters and Cover Cracks in Home

Maintaining and upkeeping your home externally, such as the yard, is an inevitable must. But so are the unobvious upkeeps inside your home. Cleaning out air conditioner filter once a month will allow the filtration in your home to run smoothly, without overworking your air conditioning system.Checking and covering cracks or leaks in your doorways, windows and baseboards will make sure you are not using more energy to cool your home than needed.

Unplug Devices While Out

If you are not home your coffee maker should not be plugged in. Turn off by unplugging all devices you are not using while out such as, television, computer and other devices. If this becomes time consuming, investing in surge protectors that automatically cut power when not being used.

Use Fans to Cool Home

Let fans to help air circulate in large areas such as living rooms and rooms instead of constantly relaying on turning on the air conditioning system. Hot days, but cool nights might help your energy cost just by leaving windows open allows the breeze to cool your home.

Check Home Insulation

Both during the winter and summer there is a chance of homes leaking cool or warm air due to spaces between walls. Ensuring that you don’t have this issue on a regular basis, and adding the necessary insulation will allow you to preserve all your air filtration needed while saving you money.