California based chain with over 365 locations in 32 States decides to move to the capital of Texas into prominent neighborhoods Arboretum, Westlake, and soon downtown Austin.

Trader Joe’s features upscale grocery fare such as health foods, organic produce, and nutritional supplements at competitive prices.

Earning a place as #11 for the Americas Top 20 Healthiest Cities Austin continues to welcome people from all around the world, 110 per day to be precise, which very quickly join the health wagon. It’s very hard not to be tempted when the city prides on being “Green” and healthy, with great free or low cost outdoor activities like paddle- boarding, kayaking, and running through town lake on a sunny morning for lunch or Hitting the trails at Mount Bonnell on a Saturday.

In less than a year, Trader Joe’s is already adding a new location in upcoming and new Seaholm redevelopment site in southwest downtown.

For many years Austin has been the home of Giant Grocer Whole foods Market, Time Magazine recognized Austin Grocer as “The healthiest supermarket “in the world. It will be a fierce competition for market share in years to come and interesting to see if both competitors will survive in this healthy City.