Last week, we listed mid-range project renovations that add value to your home. These were three of the most popular renovations in the Austin area that maintained a healthy ROI.  Today we are going to look at ROI’s, costs and resales values for upscale projects and home improvements.

Remodeling Magazine  compared 35 remodeling projects within 101 cities and gave a breakdown of job cost, then comparing it that cost to the resale value. 13 of the 35 remodeling projects where upscale projects that ranged from $3k up to almost $300k.

The top upscale improvements are shown below.

Upscale Projects that Add Value

The Upscale Project

Clients committed on an upscale project have a huge advantage over clients that need a quick fix. An upscale project takes planning and most importantly savings

Here are three of the most popular home improvements in the Austin area this year.

Bathroom Addition

If you have the budget to invest a minimum of $40k on an upscale project consider adding that half bath to your homes needs. A bathroom addition will solve your families cowed morning bathroom rush and end of day routine bedtime schedules. It will also provide much needed convenience for your gatherings such as parties and house guests. The value of your home will increase – you can never go wrong with a new bathroom.

Garage Door Replacement

The most popular homes in Austin are those build in the 70’s and 80’s, especially in central Austin. Older homes usually need upgrades. Nearly all of the attention goes to the internal part of the home. Garage doors are overlooked but upgrading it could add that curb appeal while increase the resale value of your home.

Siding Replacement  with Vinyl Siding

Siding is the hardest material and part of your home to maintain. If you fail to clean it, or decide not to replace it for over 10 years your home begins to deteriorate and depreciate. Vinyl siding is resistant to carpenter ants, termites, and overcomes all weather conditions. The increase in your home is invaluable and the cost recoups up to 72%.

What other kind of upscale projects have you had success with?