So you found your dream house, but now you realize you have to pack all your things. No one loves to pack up years of treasures into tiny boxes. You can pay for packing services but it is a cost you can avoid when purchasing a home. Packing is just something you have to tackle. When the wife and I were moving into our new home, we realized we had more to pack than I bargained for.

You should be packing for yourself, so here are 5 tips to make packing easier.

1. Get Rid of Junk and Unnecessary items

For example, newly weds have two everything. Cookie jars, toasters, coffee makers…you name it. Collect all the items you do not need or have too many of and drop them off at your local donation site. Chances are you will buy new things to replace items when you move. Even if you are going to have more room space for junk, it does not justify you packing it up. Leave your additional space for new memories.

2. Do Not Buy Boxes, Recycle AND Reuse

Moving can be costly, but you don’t have to spend your money on boxes. Instead, ask your local grocery store if you can have their boxes. Usually, you have to catch them when they are done stocking their shelves, so this can be late at night. They will come in odd shapes and sizes but its a great way to recycle and save you some money. We made friends at all the local stores within a 30 mile radius searching for free boxes. If you feel like you must have new boxes, please buy recycle boxes.

3. Every Box Needs to be Labeled

After the tenth box you pack, they all start looking the same. If you have items that are delicate, labeling is your best option to save these items from getting damaged. This also shaves time off unpacking. You will appreciate knowing which room these boxes belong to when you are unloading all your belongings out of the moving truck.

4. Cheap Tape = No Stability

Dishes. Books. Electronics…these items make your boxes heavy. Your boxes need reinforcement, no matter how great the box itself is. That is where tape comes in, it is not just for closing the box. Sure, there is $1.00 tape out there, but do not skimp on the tape. Buy durable and adequate tape for the type of weight you are transporting.

5. Weight of Your Items Matter

The same heavy items that need strong tape don’t have to go all into one box. Don’t make the mistake of loading huge boxes with heavy things unless you don’t mind the box falling apart. Books, dishes and heavy items should be in small boxes. The lighter the items are, the bigger the box.

When you finally get unpacked, crush your your boxes and put them out for recycling. We hope our tips to make packing easier help you avoid any moving accidents as you move to your new home.