Austinites – do you ever sit in morning traffic, look over to the left, look at new road construction site, and wonder how did Austin get so packed? How many people move to Austin everyday? Is this number so large that we need to make these roads wider?

Moving from Houston over a decade ago to attend the University of Texas at Austin, I never imagined this so called college town would have developed beyond Ben White and 183. I would especially not believe we would have major highways beyond I-35 and MoPac. The rapid growth has had a very negative effect on traffic leaving officials to try anything to alleviate the traffic in Austin.

The number of people that move to Austin each day

So how many people move to Austin on a daily basis? The population of Austin increases by over 100 people per day. That is a NET figure – 100+ more new residents come to Austin every day from all parts of the U.S. to start a new life than those who move away from the Texas Capital. That makes up for plenty of extra cars on I-35.

This official number came from Austin Demographer Ryan Robinson at a Young Chamber of Commerce first official meeting. Currently, Austin’s population sits at around 2 Million people. The population is predicted to grow tremendously within the next 10 years making Austin one of the fastest growing large cities in America. Forbes Magazine has announced that Austin is currently the fastest growing city in America.

Naturally, this population growth comes from countless job opportunities due to over 300 major companies relocating to Austin in the last 10 years. These companies are establishing new developments that will allow Austin to continue its journey in becoming, as many researchers say, the Successor to Silicon Valley.