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Search by Neighborhood: H to P

Is your next home in a particular neighborhood in the Austin area? Browse our lists of Austin neighborhoods below.

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Hamilton Hills (Dripping Springs)
Hancock (Austin)
Hancock Hill (Austin)
Harmon Hills (Dripping Springs)
Harmony Heights (Austin)
Harrison Hills (Dripping Springs)
Hartwell (Austin)
Hatley Park Estates (Rollingwood)
Hawkes Landing (Leander)
Hawk’s Canyon (Austin)
Hays Country Acres (Dripping Springs)
Hays Country Oaks (Austin)
Hazlewood (Leander)
Hazy Hills Ranchettes (Spicewood)
Heather Hills (Dripping Springs)
Heatherwilde (Pflugerville )
Heatherwood (Driftwood)
Heights at Loma Vista (Austin)
Heritage Country (Dripping Springs)
Heritage Heights (Austin)
Heritage Oaks (Georgetown)
Heritage on San Gabriel (Hutto)
Heritage Park (Cedar Park)
Hidden Creek (Dripping Springs)
Hidden Estates (Austin)
Hidden Glen (Round Rock)
Hidden Hills (Spicewood)
Hidden Meadows (Austin)
Hidden Mesa (Leander)
Hidden Springs Ranch (Dripping Springs)
Hidden Valley (Austin)
High Country (Round Rock)
High Gabriel West (Leander)
High Meadows (Cedar Park)
High Vista Views (Austin)
Highland Creek Lakes (Dripping Springs)
Highland Hills (Austin)
Highland Horizon (Round Rock)
Highland Lake Estates (Austin)
Highland Oaks (Austin)
Highland Park (Pflugerville )
Highland Park North (Pflugerville )
Highland Park West (Austin)
Highland Park West Balcones (Austin)
Highland Village (Austin)
Highlands at Mayfield Ranch (Georgetown)
Highlands at Oak Forest (Austin)
Highpointe (Dripping Springs)
Highway Village (Leander)
Hill Country Estates (Austin)
Hill Creek West (Dripping Springs)
Hill Top Manor (Dripping Springs)
Hillcrest (Austin)
Hills at Paloma Lake (Round Rock)
Hills of Springlake (Dripping Springs)
Hillside Oaks (Austin)
Hillview (Dripping Springs)
Holiday Hills (Austin)
Hollow at Slaughter Creek (Austin)
Hollows at North Shore (Austin)
Holy Cross Heights (Austin)
Hometown Kyle (Kyle)
Homewood Heights (Austin)
Honeycomb Hills (Leander)
Horizon Park (Leander)
Horseshoe Bend (Austin)
Howard Ranch (Driftwood)
Howard Ranch (Dripping Springs)
Hughes Park Lake (Austin)
Hummingbird Acres (Driftwood)
Hunter Oaks (Austin)
Hunter’s Chase (Austin)
Hunters Glenn (Cedar Park)
Hunters Green (Austin)
Huntington Estates (Austin)
Huntland Heights (Austin)
Hurlbut Ranch (Dripping Springs)
Hutto City (Hutto)
Hutto Highlands (Hutto)
Hutto Square (Hutto)
HuttoParke (Hutto)
Hyde Park (Austin)





La Conterra (Georgetown)
La Perla (Austin)
La Prelle Place (Austin)
La Ventana (Driftwood)
La Vista on Lavaca Condos (Austin)
Ladera (Austin)
Lafayette Heights (Austin)
Lago Villa (Austin)
Laguna Loma (Austin)
Laguna Vista (Spicewood)
Lake at Wells Branch (Austin)
Lake Austin Hills (Austin)
Lake Austin Waterfront (Austin)
Lake Creek at Anderson Mill (Austin)
Lake Creek Park (Austin)
Lake Creek Park (Round Rock)
Lake Forest (Round Rock)
Lake Oaks Ranch (Spicewood)
Lake Pointe (Austin)
Lake Ridge Estates (Austin)
Lake Travis (Leander)
Lakecliff (Austin)
Lakecliff on Lake Travis (Austin)
Lakecliff on Lake Travis (Spicewood)
Lakehurst (Spicewood)
Lakeland Park (Austin)
Lakeline Oaks (Cedar Park)
Lakeline Ranch (Leander)
Lakes at Northtown (Pflugerville )
Lakeside at Blackhawk (Pflugerville )
Lakeside at North Lakeway (Austin)
Lakeside Beach (Spicewood)
Lakeside Estates (Hutto)
Lakeview Estates (Leander)
Lakeview Gardens (Austin)
Lakeway (Austin)
Lakeway Airpark Estates (Austin)
Lakewind Estates (Austin)
Lakewood (Austin)
Lakewood Country Estates (Leander)
Lakewood Estates (Austin)
Lakewood Estates (Spicewood)
Lakewood Hills (Austin)
Lakewood Park (Austin)
Lakewood Village (Austin)
Lamar Village (Austin)
Lamplight Village (Austin)
Lanier Ranch (Driftwood)
Lanier Terrace (Austin)
Larson Estates (Austin)
Las Brisas (Austin)
Las Casas Verdes (Austin)
Las Colinas (Dripping Springs)
Las Lomas (Austin)
Laurel Canyon (Austin)
Laurel Ridge (Round Rock)
Laurelwood Estates (Austin)
Lawrence (Dripping Springs)
Leander Hills (Leander)
Ledge Stone (Dripping Springs)
Ledgestone Cliffs (Austin)
Ledgeway (Austin)
Legacy Trails (Dripping Springs)
Legend Oaks (Austin)
Legend Oaks (Georgetown)
Legends at Onion Creek (Austin)
Legends Lane at Onion Creek (Austin)
Legends of Hutto (Hutto)
Legends Village (Round Rock)
Leisurewoods (Austin)
Lewis Mountain Ranch (Austin)
Lexington Parke (Austin)
Lick Creek Ranch (Spicewood)
Lincoln Gardens (Austin)
Little Bend (Austin)
Little Woods (Driftwood)
Live Oak Grove (Austin)
Live Oak Ranches (Leander)
Liveoak Terrace (Austin)
Logan Plateau (Georgetown)
Logan Ranch (Georgetown)
Lohmans Crossing (Austin)
Loma Linda (Austin)
Lone Mountain Ranch (Leander)
Lonesome Valley (Leander)
Long Canyon (Austin)
Longview (Dripping Springs)
Lookout at Brushy Creek (Hutto)
Lorraine Heights (Austin)
Los Cielos (Austin)
Los Indios (Austin)
Los Ranchos (Driftwood)
Los Rincones (Austin)
Lost Creek (Austin)
Lost River Ranches (Georgetown)
Lost Valley (Dripping Springs)
Low Theodore Heights (Austin)


Macmora Cottages (Austin)
Madrone Canyon Ranch (Dripping Springs)
Madrone Ranch (Austin)
Madrone Ranch (Dripping Springs)
Madrones (Austin)
Magnolia Creek (Leander)
Majestic Oaks (Austin)
Manchaca Estates (Austin)
Manor Hills (Austin)
Mansfield Estates (Austin)
Maple Run (Austin)
Maravilla (Austin)
Marlo Heights (Austin)
Marshall Ford Vista (Austin)
Mason Creek (Leander)
Mason Hills (Leander)
Masonfield (Austin)
Masonwood West (Austin)
Mayfield Ranch (Round Rock)
Mayo Addition (Austin)
McKinley Heights (Austin)
McKinney Heights (Austin)
McKinney Park East (Austin)
McNeil Estates (Austin)
Meadow Creek (Austin)
Meadow Creek Ranch (Dripping Springs)
Meadow Lake (Austin)
Meadow Mountain (Austin)
Meadow Oaks (Dripping Springs)
Meadow Park (Austin)
Meadow Park South (Pflugerville )
Meadow Woods (Kyle)
Meadowbrook (Austin)
Meadowfox Estates (Austin)
Meadowlawn (Austin)
Meadows at Berdoll (Austin)
Meadows at Bluff Springs (Austin)
Meadows at Buda (Austin)
Meadows at Cambridge Heights (Pflugerville )
Meadows at Chandler Creek (Round Rock)
Meadows at Double Creek (Austin)
Meadows of Blackhawk (Pflugerville )
Meadows of Georgetown (Georgetown)
Meadows of Kyle (Kyle)
Meadowview at Sunset Valley (Sunset Valley)
Mediterra (Austin)
Meridian (Austin)
Mesa Forest (Austin)
Mesa North (Austin)
Mesa Park (Austin)
Mesa Park (Round Rock)
Mesa Point (Austin)
Mesa Ridge (Round Rock)
Mesa Valley (Austin)
Milago (Austin)
Milago Condos (Austin)
Milrun Village at Anderson Mill (Austin)
Milwood (Austin)
Mira Lago (Austin)
Mirador Drive (Austin)
Mirkwood (Austin)
Mission Oaks (Georgetown)
Mockingbird Hill (Austin)
Monroe Heights (Austin)
Montebella (Dripping Springs)
Monterey (Austin)
Montview Harbor (Austin)
Moore’s Crossing (Austin)
Morningside (Austin)
Mount Bonnell Shores (Austin)
Mount Bonnell Terrace (Austin)
Mountain Creek (Pflugerville )
Mountain Creek East (Pflugerville )
Mountain Creek Lakes (Dripping Springs)
Mountain Oaks (Dripping Springs)
Mueller (Austin)
Muleshoe Bend (Austin)
Muleshoe Bend (Spicewood)
Mustang Ridge (Austin)
Mystic Oak Estates (Austin)




Paleface Homesteads (Spicewood)
Paleface Lake Country Estates (Spicewood)
Paleface Ranch (Austin)
Paleface Ranch (Spicewood)
Palisades (Austin)
Palladio Point (Austin)
Paloma Lake (Round Rock)
Palomba at Flintrock (Austin)
Palomino Park (Austin)
Palomino Ridge (Austin)
Pannell Place (Austin)
Panorama Ranch (Austin)
Panther Creek (Driftwood)
Paradise Cove (Austin)
Paradiso Villas (Cedar Park)
Park at Brushy Creek (Hutto)
Park at Duval (Austin)
Park at Spicewood Springs (Austin)
Park at Steeplechase (Kyle)
Park Forest (Austin)
Park Place (Cedar Park)
Park Ridge (Austin)
Parkcrest (Pflugerville )
Parke at Anderson Mill (Austin)
Parke at Travis Country (Austin)
Parkhill (Austin)
Parkinson Place (Austin)
Parkridge Gardens (Austin)
Parkside (Austin)
Parkside at Mayfield Ranch (Georgetown)
Parkside at Slaughter Creek (Austin)
Parkstone (Austin)
Parkview Estates (Georgetown)
Parkwest Estates (Cedar Park)
Parkwood (Austin)
Parmer Lane Heights (Austin)
Parmer Village (Austin)
Patterson Place (Austin)
Peabody Place (Dripping Springs)
Pearson (Austin)
Pecan Creek (Leander)
Pecan Grove (Austin)
Pecan Hollow Ranches (Leander)
Pecan Park Condominiums (Austin)
Pecan Valley (Austin)
Pedernales Canyon Ranch (Spicewood)
Pedernales Place (Dripping Springs)
Pemberton Heights (Austin)
Penley Park (Pflugerville )
Penthouse Condos (Austin)
Peppertree Park (Austin)
Perrys White Cliff (Spicewood)
Pflugerville Acres (Pflugerville )
Pflugerville Estates (Pflugerville )
Pheasant Run (Austin)
Piazza Navona Condos (Austin)
Picadilly Ridge (Pflugerville )
Pilot Knob Acres (Austin)
Pinnacle (Georgetown)
Pinnacle at North Lakeway (Austin)
Pioneer Crossing (Round Rock)
Pioneer Ranch (Dripping Springs)
Plateau (Austin)
Plaza Lofts (Austin)
Plaza Place (Austin)
Pleasant Hill Estate (Leander)
Pleasant View (Austin)
Plum Creek (Dripping Springs)
Plum Creek (Kyle)
Point at Ridge Harbor (Spicewood)
Point Pedernales (Spicewood)
Polo Club at Rooster Springs (Dripping Springs)
Popes (Austin)
Posada Del Rey Condominiums (Austin)
Post Oak (Kyle)
Prairie on the Creek (Kyle)
Preserve (Austin)
Preserve at Barton Creek (Austin)
Preserve at Dyer Creek (Round Rock)
Preserve at Four Points (Austin)
Preserve at La Ventana (Driftwood)
Preserve at Lakeway (Austin)
Preserve at Stone Oak (Round Rock)
Presidio at Judges Hill Condos (Austin)
Preston Oaks (Austin)
Preston Village (Austin)
Preswyck Hills (Austin)